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Torre Vado Beaches

Torre Vado Spiagge

Torre Vado Beaches is one of the searches that is often done to find information in Salento. Torre Vado it is among the most popular destinations for Italian and foreign tourists. To identify its geographical position we can say that this seaside resort is located on the Ionian coast between Leuca is Gallipoli. Santa Maria di Leuca is about 12km and Gallipoli about 25km.

Torre Vado the Municipality

The Municipality of belonging is the Municipality of Morciano di Leuca located about 4km from the sea. The coast of Torre Vado it is characterized by the rocky coast and the promenade which represent the ideal solution for staying in Salento. Why this? It's very simple! the naturalistic mix composed of sand and rocks is the best choice to fully enjoy your stay in Salento. The strategic position of the country allows you to move easily between the sea Ionian and theAdriatic. Visit the most beautiful beaches of Salento it's easy and logistically fast.

Torre Vado it is characterized by a high presence of holiday homes, B & Bs and hotels, structures of various levels able to satisfy the need to stay in this unique location. It is possible to choose different solutions for your stay in this town: panoramic solutions where you can admire the area from the hill and solutions near the sea suitable for families with children or for those who need to reach the sea on foot.

Torre Vado Free Beaches and Sand

About 1km away it is possible to visit Pescoluse and the Maldives of Salento, stretch of beach with fine white sand. What about choosing Go tower it means immersing yourself fully in a unique naturalistic and marine scenario. There are numerous free and equipped beaches along the coast.

Torre Vado Attractions

There are several attractions that Torre Vado offers attractions for all ages such as: the Luna Park for families and children, the refreshment points to take a lunch break or a stop, the pizzerias that offer products made with local raw materials. There are numerous shops that offer food and typical local products throughout the day. There is no shortage of primary services such as first aid, pharmacy, mini markets and small souvenir shops.

Experiences in Torre Vado

If you have decided to spend your vacation in Torre Vado in Salento you absolutely must try the experience of a boat excursion, a scuba diving or a guided tour with which to explore the surrounding area. A must visit is the Torre di Torre Vado undisputed symbol of this marine municipality. The origins of this architectural construction date back to the ancient Saracens who built this structure to monitor the landing of enemies and pirates. Currently the Tower houses the headquarters of the Naval League of Municipality of Morciano di Leuca.

There are several clubs that extend along the promenade to reach the marina where there is a small beach that the residents have baptized as "the beach", an expanse of fine sand. To be more precise, it is a small bay with a very shallow seabed for many meters which makes it possible for families with small children to bathe in complete tranquility. Live Torre Vado it means choosing the local culture, tranquility, the sea. Torre Vado Beaches  the best solution for your holidays in Salento.

Beaches in Torre Vado

It should be noted that Torre vado has only a small beach near the port. This does not mean that there are no beaches, in fact Torre vado borders with Posto Vecchio and Pescoluse very popular seaside resorts, belonging to the municipality of Salve. Famous all over the world are the Maldives of Salento.

Torre Vado Equipped beaches

The coast bordering Torre Vado is served by the rental of umbrellas, sunbeds and bathing establishments where you can have lunch or dinner. There are several water sports that can be practiced such as: canoeing, SUP, sailing and surfing on the windiest days.

In recent years, more and more often there are tourists who place the umbrella among the rocks to fully enjoy the tranquility of the sea. Many decide during their break to read a book. The preferred area for this activity is the “Sorgenti” area, a stretch of cliff known for the release of fresh water springs into the sea. Bathing at the springs for many tourists has not by now become a ritual that cannot be renounced. In fact, there are many benefits for the body and blood circulation generated by bathing in this cold pond. Torre Vado Beaches  the best solution for your holidays in Salento.

The Coast

Along the coast of Torre Vado towards Leuca it is possible to admire the rocky coast in all its beauty and peculiarity. The slope, always with a shallow seabed, is smoothed by the sea and can be reached on foot thanks to some paths that allow access to it. These small landings take their name from the surrounding countryside which in the past were a place of work for many farmers.

Starting from the port it is possible to visit and swim in the locality of "Nepole" or "Pozzo Pasulo". The sea in these areas is particularly suitable for small fishing trips with rod or mask. In order not to run into small inconveniences, it is recommended to visit these places with special rubber shoes. Torre Vado Beaches  the best solution for your holidays in Salento.

How to get to Torre Vado:

By plane: from Brindisi airport take the Lecce-Gallipoli-S.Maria di Leuca highway and exit at the Torre Vado junction.

By car: follow the highway to Bari, then reach Brindisi, take the Lecce-Gallipoli-S.Maria di Leuca highway and exit at the Torre Vado junction.

On the train: use the State Railways up to Lecce, then use the South-East Railways up to Barbarano del Capo, a fraction of Morciano di Leuca.


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