Torre Vado

Certainly there are a lot of reasons.The most important is to know the Region Salento!The Salento offers You long beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea water,that act as frame to the wonderful Mediterranean maquis;in particular the Ionian south coast from Leuca,Torre Vado and Gallipoli.Yes,exactly
Torre Vado where are situated your holiday flats.Torre Vado,coast of Morciano di Leuca is situated on the Ionian sea at 6 kilometres from Leuca.
The story of Torre Vado:
Torre Vado is developed,year after year,around a Saracen tower of the’500.The Spanish has built fortifications from Naples to S.Maria di Leuca to the Abruzzi to defend their country against the Turkish and the Saracens landings.This tower gaved the name to the locality;there aren’t documents that can explain the etymology of the place-name.
The most accredited interpretations remembered the Latin origin from “vadum=guado” thanks to the existence of a little natural landing-place placed at the foot of the tower;on the contrary a Spanish interpretation let derive the name from “ovado” because of the notefishiness of the marine sounding-depth.
Torre Vado is beautiful:beautiful his territory sloping towards the sea;beautiful his landscape sill secure of men’s devastated intervention;beautiful his small port with his wharves covered with big natural blocks.
Here You can hire boats or participate in different excursion(example:grottoes of S.Maria di Leuca).
Diving-Service gives You the opportunity to partecipate in underwater-course.
There is also the possibility to visit the small towns near Torre Vado and Torre Pali:beautiful churches,old farms of the late Renaissance;bizantine crypt;world-famous archaeological area;”Pajare” typical old stonehouses from this region).
And of course Nature everywhere old olivetrees and prickly pears!!!!!
In this region You can eat :fresh fish,mussels,home-made “pasta” like “Orecchiette,Sagne and Minghiareddi”
very good “Antipasti and a lot of other goodnesses.It is necessary to drink our very good red wine and to taste our delicate olive-oil.
In Torre Vado and in Torre Pali there are naturally:
Baker’s shop (Cornettis are very good);Food shop/grocers;Fruit and vegetables shops;Restaurants;pizza-shops;Pubs;Beer-houses;Tabacco shops;ice-cream shops ;Coffee-houses;Newspaper kiosk;Merry-go-rounds.
Market-days:Torre Pali:every Tuesday;Torre Vado:every Friday
Feasts:In the evening,in July and in August, in different towns take place the typical “SAGRA”. Here ,You can taste our specialities!Of course there are also folkloristic music from the Salento and our very good red
Come along,then and spend your holidays in our Region!You will know a new beautiful reality!!!!!

By car: motorway A14 exit Bari north- street Bari - Brindisi -
Lecce - Gallipoli - Ugento - Leuca exit Torre Vado.

By train: railway-station F.F. S.S. till Lecce (Km 60) railway-station south-east till Presicce (Km 10).

By aeroplane: Airport from Brindisi Km 100.
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